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The use of nutrients in animal feed ration formulation

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Regarding animal health and better performance, some factors need to be considered in food formulation. One of the best ways to optimize this process and reduce production costs is to be aware of trends.


Here are some tips for improving the formulation of animal feeds:

Reduction of metabolites excretion

Several methods can be applied to optimize nutrient utilization in animal feed formulations. Among them is the concept of ‘ideal protein’, which can be defined by the exact balance of amino acids, with no deficiency or excess.

Alternative Ingredients

Diets with ingredients of animal origin help digestion and improve animal performance. Chicken protein hydrolysate comes as one of the main alternatives to feed ration composition, for its high digestibility, balanced amount of amino acids, high protein content and peptides.


Meals of animal origin are an ingredient of choice for the elaboration of feed rations. process is to remove excess water, chop or grind inedible waste and take it to the digesters for cooking and subsequent pressing.


However, special care must be taken with the quality of these meals. Humidity cannot exceed 8%, as it facilitates bacterial contamination. Similarly, humidity below this level may burn the ingredient during the process.


The use of animal oils and fats also brings several advantages to farmers.

Their energy value is 2.25 times higher than that of other inputs and these feed rations generate savings, due to better food conversion capacity. Animal oils also eliminate dustiness, which improves appearance and increases food palatability, reducing losses to dust, which can be a problem inside the plant during the production process.

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