Animal Nutrition

The right choice of inputs for the production chain


The ability in selecting inputs can ensure the quality of the formulation process


The quality of inputs is the gateway to food formulation and can ensure the suitability of final applications.


It is necessary to consider aspects of great relevance, such as monitoring the regular supply of ingredients throughout the year, the price and the capacity of the supplier to provide the appropriate services according to the quality demanded by the buyer.


Quality of nutrients is another factor to be observed. Analytical and sensory evaluations in addition to other quick tests and estimates by prediction equations reveal potential parameters when mapping input suppliers.


Inputs as key to innovation

When it comes to innovating in the production chain, the correct choice of inputs is of utmost importance. The agribusiness sector is constantly changing to increase its productivity and competitiveness.

The main challenge is to seek new technological options to reduce the costs of the sector. For this process to work, some strategic points need to be considered


Innovating in the production chain involves the choice of inputs. As the market grows, research directed to the development of new inputs is increasingly being made, and companies should invest in studies that allow new ways to stand out in a competitive market.


Investments in innovation brings benefits directly linked to production, such as risk reduction and increased productivity of land and labor, yielding products with technical characteristics which are compatible with the best performance according to consumer preferences.


The importance of suppliers

Purchasing ingredients is one of the most important steps in the process. The formulation technical sector should closely monitor all purchasing stages and carry out inspection visits to evaluate their quality at shipping.

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