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Natural Meat Extracts in Food Formulation

Extratos de Carne

Get to know the possibilities and functions of meat extracts in food


Meat extracts are obtained by cooking the meat for a long time at temperatures below 100°C. This process yields a natural aromatic broth by undergoing concentration stages with total or partial elimination of water.

The product yielded by partially eliminating the water is called the liquid extract and the one yielded by complete elimination, powdered extract. According to Tarcísio Rodrigues, R&D of BRF Ingredients meat extracts, products from chicken and pork can be used in the flavor industry to replace synthetic ingredients.

Their impact on food formulation lies in its main function: to provide a more natural profile in all final applications. Their sensory characteristics allows them to replace synthetic ingredients partially or altogether. All of these applications have a more natural composition and simpler labels, meeting growing consumer needs.

Meat products such as ham, bologna and sausages are examples of foods that have meat extracts in their composition, as well as sauces, spices and pasta.

General features

The specifications of chicken and pork extracts are very similar, such as color, texture and taste stimulus. The main difference is found in its flavor and use according to the application and sensory acceptance.

According to Tarcisio, each process for formulating extracts based on chicken and pork meat has its particularity, but they are usually incorporated into the mixture.

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