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Instinctive food as a nutritious option for pets

Grain-free diets for dogs and cats is the new trend for formulating feed rations


Cats and dogs are carnivores by nature, but domesticated animals eat pet food based on soybeans, corn and other grains, thus with a large amount of starch in the formulation of these dry rations available in the market.  


However, is it possible to maintain a balanced and nutritious diet with natural ingredients?


This is the premise for the grain-free diet, a nutritional option in the pet food industry, as pointed out by researcher Flávia Maria de Oliveira Borges Saad of Federal University of Lavras in her research “Grain-free: new alternative feeding for dogs and cats“.

As the name suggests, grain-free feed rations do not contain grains in their composition and respect the carnivorous instinct of dogs and cats. They are rich in fatty acids, such as omega 6 and 3, benefiting skin and hair. It is also recommended for indoor environments, because it helps reducing the odor of feces.


Pets take longer to digest the starch present in the grains used in usual pet food because they do not have the amylase enzyme in their saliva. The accumulation of starch can result in the formation of triglycerides.


The importance of grain-free for dogs and cats is precisely to provide them with a proper diet and to help them absorb all the nutrients needed for each species: lipids and proteins and low carbohydrate content.

Oils and meals of animal origin

Among the main ingredients of animal origin that may compose more nutritious feed rations are oils and meals.


Improved methods of oil extraction allowed to reduce the ethereal extract content in residues normally used in the composition of balanced mixtures.


The high energy value of animal fats is the major attraction for its use. They provide 2.25 times more energy than carbohydrates and proteins. A decrease in ethereal extract is also linked to the correct choice of input suppliers.


The presence of bone or ash residues directly affects the composition of meal and oil extracts, so these parameters must also be taken into account.


In order to include ingredients of animal origin in the diet of pets and increase its nutritional capacity, BRF Ingredients has a portfolio of animal oils based on poultry and pork fat, as well as Premium Meals made of poultry viscera,  pork crackling meal, feathers and feathers with blood.


In addition to the innovative line of enzymatically hydrolysed proteins such as PHF (hydrolyzed chicken protein), hydrolyzed porcine liver, hydrolyzed pork among other sources.


All with excellent digestibility, palatability and hypoallergenic since most of its protein is in the form of peptides and free amino acids. Many of these components have natural antioxidant, antibiotic, metabolic and even hormonal control functions.


Learn about BRF Ingredients’ animal nutrition solutions.

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